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Elevate your online presence with expert social media management

As a top creative agency, we specialise in social media management for a wide range of businesses. We stay ahead of digital trends, create standout content and manage your ads for optimal returns. Our partnership enables your team to focus on delivering superior customer experiences while we transform your social media platforms into powerful sales channels.

67% of people use Instagram to find inspiration before making a purchase.

Every day your brand is not utilising social media to its full ability is a missed opportunity to reach potential customers. Using proven strategies, we help captivate and convert prospective customers—ensuring your brand leaves a lasting impression and turning social media inspiration into tangible sales.

How can social media management drive results for your brand?

01. Brand Visibility

Effective social media management enhances your brand's visibility, ensuring that your brand is seen by a wider audience. By reaching and engaging with potential customers, you can raise awareness, boost brand recognition and stay top-of-mind when customers are making their purchases.

02. Sales & Revenue

A well-executed social media strategy can drive direct bookings and revenue growth. By showcasing your unique offerings, promoting special deals and implementing effective call-to-actions, social media can serve as a powerful sales channel, generating measurable results and boosting your bottom line.

03. Customer Loyalty

Leverage social media to cultivate a community of loyal brand advocates. By delivering authentic content and actively engaging with your customers, you can foster genuine connections that drive repeat sales and valuable word-of-mouth recommendations.

04. Credibility & Trust

Effective social media management is essential for reputation management. By proactively monitoring and addressing customer feedback and highlighting positive experiences, you can maintain trust with potential customers and solidify your brand's credibility.

Our Services

Strategic social media solutions

Content Generation

We develop a comprehensive content strategy aligned with your brand. We then use this to create engaging and compelling content that resonates with your target audience.

Organic Social Media

We curate and manage your organic social media presence, crafting strategic content, scheduling posts and fostering authentic engagement with your audience.

Paid Campaigns

We strategise, create and optimise targeted paid social media campaigns to expand your reach, drive traffic and increase conversions.

Photography & Videography

We capture stunning visuals that showcase your brand, enhancing your social media presence and captivating your audience.

Community Management

We can handle all aspects of community engagement, actively responding to comments, messages, and reviews to foster a positive online community.

Influencer Marketing

We collaborate with relevant influencers to amplify your brand's reach, tap into their engaged audience and create authentic content that drives credibility.

Why choose Emblm?

1. Collaborative Partnership

At Emblm, building strong client relationships is at the heart of our approach. We prioritise collaborative partnerships that drive mutual success. Taking the time to understand your brand's unique identity, goals, and target audience, we ensure our strategies align seamlessly with your vision and objectives. By working hand in hand with you, we create a foundation of trust and a shared understanding that forms the basis for achieving remarkable results together.

2. Ongoing Optimisation
3. Transparent Reporting

Transforming content into conversions, views into value and likes into loyalty

Allow our team to expertly handle your social media management, so you can focus on what you do best—creating unforgettable customer experiences.

Still need convincing?

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms should my brand have a presence on?

We assess your target audience and business objectives to determine the most effective platforms for your business. Common platforms include Facebook and Instagram, but we tailor the selection to align with your specific goals.

How can social media management help increase sales and revenue?
How do you handle customer engagement and enquiries on our social media platforms?
How do you measure the success and ROI of social media campaigns?
What is the process for creating and scheduling content across different social media channels?
What level of control will we have over our social media accounts and the content posted?

Case Study

1018% Instagram growth: Encouraging a new demographic to #StayWAHI

Whitsunday Apartments Hamilton Island (WAHI) provides family-friendly accommodation overlooking the picturesque Whitsundays.

After conducting in-depth research to identify WAHI’s target audience and assessing their previous marketing initiatives, Emblm set out to showcase everything that WAHI and the Whitsundays has to offer.

By curating a feed of beautiful imagery, harnessing the power of user-generated content and developing a strong brand voice, we have grown the WAHI Instagram by 1018% and encouraged a new demographic to #StayWAHI.

Client Feedback

“I have worked with the team at Emblm for the last 4 years across two different businesses in the accomodation industry. From managing our Google Ads words to a full rebuild of our website, Emblm really are incredibly easy to deal with and all requests are met with well thought out solutions. I would not hesitate to recommend Emblm to anyone looking for a digital marketing agency."

Alicia Szerszyn
Sales and Marketing Manager
Paradise Resort

"The team at Emblm provide a fantastic service. I have engaged Emblm to manage the marketing requirements for our resort, and I have not been disappointed. Emblm really takes time to understand your business and audience and treat your business as if it's their own. All requests are actioned quickly, and nothing is too much trouble. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Emblm to anyone looking for a marketing agency that can do it all."

John McFadden
Resort Manager
Whistunday Apartments Hamilton Island (WAHI)

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