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Minimalism: Why Less is More

Minimalism, in design, proves that less really is more. The simplicity of this concept can have an immense impact in conveying brand messages amidst the clutter of the visual landscape. As design trends evolve, minimalism remains a relevant and compelling concept. Beauty in Simplicity At its core, minimalism is about stripping away the unnecessary to reveal …

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Design Trends and Techniques of 2023

As we progress through 2023, the design landscape continues to evolve with new, innovative themes. From bold aesthetics to sustainable practices, let’s explore the latest design trends and techniques shaping the industry.  Sustainability In response to growing environmental concerns, sustainable design has emerged as a pivotal trend in 2023. Designers have become quick to incorporate …

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The Style Guide: Crafting Consistency

Embarking on branding your new business venture or rebranding your existing business can be an exciting journey. You might come across the term “style guide” along the branding journey and wonder about its significance. Let’s delve into why a style guide is important and how it helps to craft a consistent and compelling visual identity …

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5 Ways to Improve Your Creative Thinking

The most successful people have always been great creative thinkers. Luckily, creative thinking is like any other skill, the more you practice the better you’ll get. If you’re a fellow creative you’ll know the creative process is critical during all stages of a project. However, even if you don’t work in a job that is …

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