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Amidst the bustling pace of everyday life, where time seems to slip through our fingers, there’s a longing to capture fleeting moments of indulgence and savour the art of fine wine—an aspiration that lies at the heart of il vino, a boutique wine bar nestled in the vibrant centre of Brisbane.

As anticipation builds for the upcoming debut of il vino, an enchanting boutique wine bar soon to grace the heart of Brisbane, our team had the privilege of embarking on a creative journey to develop its captivating brand identity. Our objective was clear: to design a visual representation that would evoke a seamless blend of elegance, refined taste, and an unmistakable sense of authentic Italian allure.

Through thorough exploration and experimentation, we handpicked a font that serves as the cornerstone of our design—an embodiment of class and sophistication, as if plucked from the vibrant streets of Italy itself. This carefully chosen typeface encapsulates the essence of il vino’s modern yet timeless vibe, blending tradition with a contemporary twist.

Next, we crafted a brand mark that seamlessly complements the overall design. Every element of this symbol embodies the unique character and vision of our client. The outcome is an iconic symbol that encapsulates the essence of il vino—a visually captivating representation radiating prestige, refinement, and exclusivity.

Our thoughtfully crafted logo will elevate il vino’s image and captivate its discerning audience. Get ready to be transported into an authentic wine experience as il vino opens its doors to a realm of exquisite taste and timeless elegance. Stay tuned for the opening date!

"You guys always hit the mark. It's impressive because it feels like you've – once again – tapped into my very thoughts and brought the vision to life!"
Christian Domnick
Owner - il vino


il vino


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