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Zarraffa’s Coffee

Founded in 1996, Zarraffa’s Coffee began as a humble roasting house in the backstreets of Southport. Today, the Zarraffa’s Coffee business has evolved into an award-winning enterprise, now serving customers in over 80 locations across Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales.⁠

We have worked with Zarraffa’s Coffee on numerous projects, ranging from providing brand strategy, creating advertising campaigns (traditional and digital), redesigning brand collateral such as packaging and refreshing their digital signage.

When working with Zarraffa’s, we take a comprehensive approach to their marketing, working on all aspects of their campaigns, including producing television commercials, radio ads, and producing assets to use on both traditional and digital mediums.

We have worked closely with key stakeholders to redesign product packaging and design and produce animated menus to enhance their customers’ in-store and drive-thru experience.


Zarraffa's Coffee


Brand Strategy
Brand Collateral Design
Television Commercial Production
Radio Ads Production
Animated Digital Signage


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