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Your moment.
Your Zarraffa's.

Whether it’s that first sip of coffee to kick-start a busy day, a stolen moment of family time, or just a rare minute to yourself, as our lives get busier, we come to realise the importance of slowing down to appreciate the little things.

This simple truth is what sparked our latest national brand campaign for Zarraffa’s Coffee—a heartfelt celebration of the seemingly ordinary yet extraordinary moments we encounter every day.

Extensive customer research revealed a valuable insight: choosing a favourite coffee brand is just as much about emotions as it is about taste. With this knowledge, our mission was clear—to illuminate the unique feeling that Zarraffa’s Coffee brings to its customers.

And so, the concept “Your moment. Your Zarraffa’s” took shape, highlighting Zarraffa’s role in everyday rituals and shared moments among its customers. At the campaign’s core lies an emotive 45” spot that weaves together six key moments, all enjoyed over a cup of coffee.

Campaign assets were tailored to amplify this central message across cinema, streaming platforms, social media, display ads, billboards and digital out-of-home advertising. The result is a unified and impactful brand presence that leaves a lasting impression.

Through this integrated strategy, we reinforce Zarraffa’s Coffee as an integral part of their customers’ daily routines, deeply resonating with each core demographic. Our campaign creates a meaningful connection between Zarraffa’s and the cherished moments that transform each day into something special, immersing coffee lovers in an experience that goes beyond taste.


Zarraffa's Coffee


Campaign Strategy
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Visual Identity
TVC Production


Client: Zarraffa's Coffee
Creative Direction: Christian Devereux & Sarah Wyness
Director: Stephen Kanaris
Producer: Marius Esterhuysen & Evette Henderson
DOP: Julian Panetta
Post Production: Dean Hilton
Casting: Evette Henderson
BTS Photography/Videography: Matty Nyhuis


The making of "Moments"

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